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  • Taking home your new kitten

    Taking home your new kitten

Kittens are very playful and adventurous and usually can't wait to explore their new home. However it is best to give them a little space to adapt by starting them off in one room for a day or so. They usually meet and play with new cats readily and will take a few smacks and hisses to remind them of their manners.

If it is a long time since you’ve had kittens it is easy to forget how mischevious they are. They will get into everything, knock everything down and eat anything they find lying about.

Sensible precautions are

  • Lock ALL doors and windows. Windows left open even a crack will find a kitten squeezing through it, no matter how high or remote the window, even skylights
  • Be aware of all hiding places. Kittens can disappear under washing machines, behind cookers, on top of curtain pelmets, almost anywhere. When they fall asleep somewhere hidden you can be convinced they have got out, so it is vital to know that they are in the house somewhere
  • Remove plants and flowers. Some are poisonous and lilies are lethal, so until you know that your kitten is not going to devour them, remove all your plants and flowers. Don’t leave any food out, however unsuitable it might be as kittens are likely to drag it everywhere before they find they don’t like it
  • Remove breakables. Kittens will jump on any surface and knock down pictures, vases, valuables and crockery with depressing regularity. Hot surfaces can also be dangerous so it is best to keep your kitten out of the kitchen until you can supervise them fully. Cooking is a dangerous time as they can get into all sorts of hot things when your back is turned.

Cats are nocturnal and so will play a lot at night. Kittens will play ALL night and this can be very distracting. Keep them out of your bedroom if you are a light sleeper and be prepared to hear lots of things going BUMP in the night. This is normal behaviour and may continue for many months. If you get them used to being in one room at night it can save a lot of heartache, but never leave a kitten on its own as it will become more destructive and depressed. is easy to forget how mischevious they are. is easy to forget how mischevious they are. 

Could you be a cat's forever human?

If you think you might be able to offer a cat their forever home, please fill out the adoption form and one of the team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you so much,

The Friends of Felines Team