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  • Our Adoption Process

    Our Adoption Process

Adopt, don't shop. Every adoption saves a life. Here's how...

Find Your New Family Member

Once you have found your new family member, please contact us, either by using the Adoption Form, or by calling Ally on 07919 956371

Complete the Adoption Paperwork

If you wish to proceed with the adoption, Ally will arrange with you to complete the relevant paperwork. Your home check can then take place as a series of chats and video calls.

Home Check

As we aim to keep the adoption process as green as possible, our home checks are usually performed remotely via Zoom or Whatsapp.  However if you wish to visit our cats you are entirely welcome to, fosters permitting.

The main areas of discussion during the home check process are:

  • Do you live on a busy road – this will determine whether you adopt an indoor cat or not.
  • Keeping doors and windows closed for the first few weeks of adoption
  • Closing any cat flaps you may have – cats flaps are NOT cat proof, and new cats can break out of them, even the microchip ones.
  • The presence of other cats, dogs or children in the house. We will home to dog owners and families, but aim to match the cat to your circumstances as much as possible.
  • Your understanding that you will return the cat to us if not suitable

Perfectly Placed

We aim to home cats where both they and the adopter are completely happy and we will make every effort to ensure this happens. Of course, this does not always happen and we aim to make sure you are never stuck with a cat that is not suitable for you. We will always take a cat back, no matter what the circumstances

Adoption Fees

Our adoption fee is £150 for a neutered cat and £200 for kittens: kittens come with their first vaccination. We take £50 of the fee and hold it as deposit against their neutering as it is vital that they are neutered before they are 6 months of age. We can pay this fee to a vet of your choice where you will be expected to pay the difference, or take to our vets at Linkswood or Catley Cross where there will be no extra to pay.